The Night Has Teeth Cover Art

I worked out two variants for cover art for my web comic novella: The Night Has Teeth. My goal with this writing was to make something genuinely creepy without stooping to gore and blood. True horror doesn’t need special effects (even written ones). The creep factor is the true horror. To that end, it worked out two possible covers. Not sure which I’ll use yet. Weigh in if you have an opinion.

This cover is the first I sketched. I envisioned using a wood texture for the teeth. Yes, it’s literal: the night has teeth and it’s going to bite you.

Night Has Teeth 2


Then I got to thinking about the creature in the story: a slinking bogeyman made of twigs and slugs and flies. It never really came across well in the writing, but I figured a visual would do it.

Night Teeth Cover variant dark


I call this my dark variant cover art. It shows the protagonist, Donald and the creature looming up behind him.

Tell me what you think?

Tim Kane

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