Spare Time

Ever wonder what Father Time does with all those extra seconds? An actual solar year is 365 days 5 hours 48 minutes 46 seconds. True, the leap day ever four years helps, but things don’t add up perfectly. Scientists round the 5 hours and change up to 6 hours. But those missing seconds and minutes add up.

So when the bill comes due, old Father Time is a little bit short. So…can you spare a minute?

Tim Kane

Anatomy of a Latte

So how many tears, exactly, do into a latte? All I know is this, Starbucks isn’t really in the coffee business. For on, their java is terrible. Dark and burned. What they really sell is caffeine, sugar and image. You get a Starbucks because everyone has one. Maybe there’s some convenience thrown in. They have dominated the planet. Personally, I prefer to churn up my own java creations.

Though I have been known to indulge.

Tim Kane