The Magician and the Nightingale

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This serial novel traces the story of Kassandra Blake as she journeys into the world of the Tarot.

This is a literal “Alice in Wonderland” style journey where she steps into the actual Tarot cards.

Kassandra must travel from card to card, searching for a way to defeat the evil Magician, John Rykell.

Only what she discovers along the way is a path to heal her own soul.

Look for a new chapter and illustration every Sunday morning.

Links to the serial chapters:

Chapter 1: Kassandra Discovers the Cursed Tarot Deck

Chapter 2: The Tarot Cards Choose Kassandra

Chapter 3: The Secret Hides in the Boot

Chapter 4: The First Day of School Always Sucks When You’re Crazy

Chapter 5: Are Teachers Supposed to Torture You?

Chapter 6: Lindsay’s Clothes Dissolve in Front of the Whole School

Chapter 7: The Tarot Cards Keep Coming Back to Kassandra

Chapter 8: Death Plays Golf in the Garage

Chapter 9: The Cursed Tarot Deck Claims Another Student

Chapter 10: Kassandra Hits the Motherlode

Chapter 11: Kassandra Buys Herself a New Life

Chapter 12: Kassandra Faces the Music

Chapter 13: The School Discovers Kassandra’s Secret

Chapter 14: The Magician Arrives

Chapter 15: Luke Seems to Know what Kassandra is Thinking

Chapter 16: The Magical Pea

Chapter 17: Kassandra’s Secret is Exposed

Chapter 18: Mom is Gaga Over Her New Crush

Chapter 19: The Death Card Sucks Kassandra into the Tarot Deck

Chapter 20: The Tarot Cards Operate on Love, Hate and Fear

Chapter 21: The Tarot Cards Kassandra Trapped

Chapter 22: Kassandra Receives a Cryptic Warning

Chapter 23: Kassandra Won’t Let Go of Her Dad

Chapter 24: The Tarot Cards Can Bring Dad Back

Chapter 25: The Tarot Cards Cause Lindsay to Melt into Colors

Chapter 26: Destruction Rains Down on Kassandra’s Head

Chapter 27: Luke Attacks Using the Tarot Cards

Chapter 28: Flames Engulf Auntie Jo

Chapter 29: Kassandra Joins Her Dad and There Is No Escape

Chapter 30: Kassandra Solves the Riddle of the Tarot Cards

Chapter 31: Kassandra Sees Every Fault Reflected in the Mirrors

Chapter 32: The Cracked Mirror Shows the Devil

Chapter 33: Gabriel Wallows in Misery

Chapter 34: Gabriel Succumbed to the Sin of Vanity

Chapter 35: Kassandra Battles a Lion with Razor Blades for Fur

Chapter 36: Kassandra Steps Through a Painting

Chapter 37: Kassandra Spins the Wheel of Fortune

Chapter 38: Kassandra Reaches the Origin of the Tarot

Chapter 39: The Plague Infects the Tarot Cards

Chapter 40: Luke Rykell Tries to Pull Kassandra Out of the Tarot

Chapter 41: The Castle on the Back of a Snail

Chapter 42: A Paper Drawing of Ezabell Comes to Life

Chapter 43: Kassandra Clings to the Glass Tower

Chapter 44: Kassandra Clings to Her Last Hope

Chapter 45: Kassandra Face Plants on the Carpet