The Modern Madame Bathory

Ah Madame Bathory, the Countess who took the term “blood bath” to a whole new level. If you’re unfamiliar with the lady, she was a sixteenth century royal in Hungary who decided create her own fountain of youth from young woman’s blood. Specifically, she drained them and bathed in the blood.

She might have been on to something. Now it seems that researchers have found evidence to support that young blood can restore metal health (to mice at least). They swapped blood between an older mouse and a younger mouse. The younger one’s brain began to age more rapidly and the older one (with the newer blood) showed more elasticity in thinking. It was able to solve water mazes quicker with fewer mistakes.

This is a frightening prospect, not for the scientific advancement (which is terrific) but the implications for us. We already have fang bangers who dress and act like vampires. Some even delude themselves into believing they are the living dead. Now, bolstered by scientific evidence, will they round up the youngsters, Bathory style, and drain them to renew their flagging vigor? Don’t laugh, it’s a real possibility.

Until then, keep a close watch on your children. The vampire wannabes are out there.

Tim Kane

8 comments on “The Modern Madame Bathory

  1. While I wasn’t sure if you were joking about the vampire wannabees being an issue and pursuing this whole younger blood thing, lord please help us all……, the actual idea that younger blood can keep us young is very interesting. I hadn’t heard about that bit of research. Be it good or bad, it’s still something to think about.

    Just let’s hope there is no bathing in blood. bleh

    • Tim Kane says:

      Half joking. There are some very deluded people out there.

      • That is very true. I do know that there is that underworld of culture that does some very strange things, but I wonder sometimes if they would go to that point. It’s something you do have to think about though. Some people can go too far.

  2. I agree with Kate. Putting that kind of scientific knowledge out there is just asking for trouble! lol

  3. Meg Cabot’s “Airhead” series mystery centered around stealing young people’s body’s into which were transplanted old wealthy patron’s brains, giving them a second youth. All of this–rejuvenating with young blood and brains–might not be as sci-fi as we thought. As your post proves!

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