Costumes at the San Diego Comic Con

Part of the fun of Comic Con is all the folks dressed up. I snapped plenty of pictures, but not all of them came out in focus. Here are the non-blurry photos.

On my way to baggage check, I ran into Batgirl.

Always great costumes around the Marvel booth. Here we have Nick Fury and Black Widow.

Man. That’s some paint job. But the effect is cosmic. Great Silver Surfer.

This guy had a fantastic Iron Man suit. He even cut his chin hairs to match Robert Downey Jr.

Tremendous steampunk maiden.

Everyone loves a werewolf. They do. It’s scientific fact.

At least it’s air conditioned in the convention center.

Tim Kane

2 comments on “Costumes at the San Diego Comic Con

  1. Cool costumes! I have a friend who likes to go to conventions like this in costume. I’m generally not the dress-up kind of gal (I’m shy and can’t sew for beans!), but can appreciate the effort that goes into making the costumes. 🙂

  2. Nancy says:

    This was GREAT…I felt like I got to go….LOVE the PIC’s

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