Spare Time

Ever wonder what Father Time does with all those extra seconds? An actual solar year is 365 days 5 hours 48 minutes 46 seconds. True, the leap day ever four years helps, but things don’t add up perfectly. Scientists round the 5 hours and change up to 6 hours. But those missing seconds and minutes add up.

So when the bill comes due, old Father Time is a little bit short. So…can you spare a minute?

Tim Kane

Reality Shifting (Manual or Automatic)

I never turn down a good pun. I imagine most reality travelers wish shifting were this easy. There’s been a lot of talk about reality shifting going around these days. For me, it’s hard to seperate from lucid dreaming, but maybe it’s just my lack of expertise.

In terms of the locations for this comic, I tried to pick the ones that popped up the most on search engines (listing the place rather than the “world”). Hogwarts of course represents Harry Potter. Hawkins is for Hawkins, Indiana (home of the Stranger Things crew). Wonderland, I think, needs no introduction and I’m happy to see such a classic is still a fav amongst the modern crowd. Finally, the Pink Place Apartments refers to Coraline, the world created by Neil Gaiman.

Tim Kane