The Bizarre and Bewildering World of Apollyon SCP Entities

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Picture this: a universe where objects defy logic, creatures shatter the boundaries of comprehension, and phenomena threaten the very fabric of existence. As you traverse the cryptic corridors of the SCP Foundation, you will come across anomalous objects, creatures, and phenomena. The Apollyon SCP entities pose an existential threat to humanity and cannot be contained or controlled by the Foundation’s conventional means.

Apollyon Class Entities

The term “Apollyon” refers to Abaddon, mentioned in the Book of Revelation in the Christian Bible. It is associated with the destruction and end of the world. SCP Foundation authors have adopted this term to describe entities or phenomena that have the potential to bring about an apocalyptic scenario.

Apollyon-class SCP entities are characterized by their immense power, invulnerability, or sheer incomprehensibility. They are often portrayed as forces of destruction that defy containment, research, or understanding. These entities may possess reality-altering abilities, be beyond human comprehension, or exhibit anomalous properties that challenge the limits of the Foundation’s knowledge and capabilities.

SCP-192119 Unstoppable Computer Virus

This deadly computer virus can inject itself into any computer on the planet. No matter how well protected, no security can stand up to SCP-192119. Once infected, the virus created thousands of pop ups written in a strange language: ኃጢአተኛ ነፍስህ. 

These pop up windows cannot be closed. A glitching sound will play, even if the computer has no ability to create sound. Then the computer will detonate. Any persons who witness the computer explosions will suffer a heart attack. In addition, their cerebellums will swell and explode. SCP-192119 is sentient and aware of what it is doing.

SCP-3125 – “The Escapee”

Then there’s SCP-3125, an entity so incomprehensible that our puny human minds are reduced to quivering masses of jelly at its mere mention. This reality-defying monstrosity seeks to dismantle the very fabric of our perceptions. 

SCP-3125 originated in the fifth dimension, where concepts and ideas are alive. These living memes feast on weaker concepts to increase their power. Dubbed “The Escapee”, SCP-3125 has begun to emerge into our dimension. 

Anyone who learns about SCP-3125 will be targeted for attack. This entity will inhabit a victim’s mind and erase all knowledge of both SCP-3125 and its attack from the world. Should a person escape direct attack, or gain even a sliver of information about SCP-3125, then it will cause antimemetic spider-like creatures to emerge from bystanders. These anti-memes will attack and kill anyone with knowledge of “The Escapee.”

The only place it is safe to “think” about SCP-3125 is the one place it will never go: its own containment cell in the Foundation. Operatives can enter the room and be safe. 


The Foundation’s response to Apollyon-class entities is typically focused on minimizing their impact or delaying their inevitable effects, rather than attempting to directly contain or neutralize them. In some cases, containment protocols for Apollyon-class entities involve information suppression or the implementation of long-term plans to mitigate or delay their catastrophic effects.

In a universe where reality itself can bend and break, where forces beyond comprehension lurk, we find solace in our humble insignificance.

Tim Kane

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Thaumiel-Class Entities of the SCP Foundation

Arkane Curiosities

In the vast universe of SCPs, Thaumiel-class entities are the hidden gems. They possess the power to subvert, neutralize, or harness the abilities of other anomalies, making them invaluable tools for maintaining cosmic order. It’s as if the SCP Foundation has stumbled upon an alien civilization that has mastered the art of anomaly taming.

The Meaning of Thaumiel

Within the SCP Foundation mythos, Thaumiel is a classification used to identify anomalies that possess the unique ability to aid in the containment or control of other anomalies.

The term itself draws inspiration from the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, specifically from the Sephirot of the same name. In Kabbalah, Thaumiel represents a realm of duality and the opposing forces of chaos and disorder. In other words, this SCP Foundation must use these shadowy entities for the sake of containing even more dangerous entities. 

Examples of Thaumiel Class Entities

Imagine a device that can manipulate the fabric of reality itself to keep other anomalies in check. Or a sentient entity capable of traversing dimensions to lock away rogue phenomena. These Thaumiel-class SCPs possess the kind of technological prowess that would make even the most advanced alien civilizations raise an eyebrow.

SCP-179: Sauelsuesor

This entity is humanoid and orbits our sun, whom she calls brother. Her skin is a matte-black and she has long hair that drifts for kilometers. Some sources state that her hair reaches into the very core of the universe. A series of tattoos or markings run along her midline.

As a Thaumiel-class entity, she is a valuable ally to the SCP Foundation. She points out threats that might affect Earth. The SCP Foundation has been able to avoid these threats or capture them for study. 

SCP-2003: Preferred Option

This is a machine built by the SCP Foundation over a period of 25 years. It allows a limited degree of time travel with a serious caveat: it is deadly to all forms of life. The only tissue that can survive the time travel is the nervous system and brain. Thus agents designated for time travel must have their brains and spinal columns removed and housed inside a robotic body. 

SCP-3000: Anantashesha

This Thaumiel-class SCP entity is a massive, 300 mile long eel creature residing in the Bay of Bengal. Also known as Endless Sesha or the King of Nagas, many thing that Anantashesha is actually a primordial deity. While awake, Anantashesha will devour anything it comes across. Luckily, it spends most of its existence snoozing on the seafloor. However, even looking at this creature is dangerous as it can cause paranoia and memory loss. 

The SCP Foundation has found use for such a daunting entity in a goo secreted after it has eaten. Dubbed Y-909, this compound is used to erase memories as well as making people susceptible to hypnotic suggestions. 

Tim Kane

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Safe SCP Entities: An Unexpectedly Safe Guide to the Extraordinary

Arkane Curiosities

Step into the realm of the SCP Foundation, where the boundaries of reality quiver, and ordinary objects embrace the sublime. SCP stands for Secure, Contain, and Protect. This fictional organization tracks down and catalogs the strangest entities the universe has to offer — a vast collection of objects, creatures, and phenomena that defy the laws of nature as we know them. But not every entity is a danger. A peculiar subset of SCP entities known as “Safe” are just as they sound: less a threat than their more boisterous counterparts. Safe SCP entities are the equivalent of a tea cozy on a thermonuclear bomb or a bowtie on an unruly tornado – utterly peculiar, but remarkably benign.

More Object and Monster

Within this realm of Safe SCPs, the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and the mundane harbors secrets waiting to be discovered. Safe-class SCPs are easy to contain and are little threat to people, as a whole. Typically posing as inanimate objects, they are far from totally harmless. Listed below are some of the more notable Safe Entities. 

SCP-085: “Hand-drawn Cassy”, “Cassandra” or “Cassy”

This two-dimensional entity takes the form of a young girl, estimated to be around ten years old. She is a drawing, discovered in an abandoned house along with various other anomalous objects. Cassy’s abilities are confined to the surface of the paper she inhabits, but she can jump from paper to paper, provided they are touching. 

Interactions with Cassy are facilitated through written or spoken communication. She can read and respond to written messages and can also communicate verbally through a voice synthesizer. Due to her two-dimensional nature, Cassy is vulnerable to damage and destruction. Any harm inflicted on her drawing affects her directly, causing pain or even potential death. 

SCP-426: “I Am A Toaster”

This looks like a typical two-slice toaster, except it only refers to itself in the first person “I am a toaster”. It has the ability to alter the thoughts and self-perception of those who acknowledge its existence. Anyone who stays in its presence for two months will believe that they have become the toaster. Affected individuals genuinely perceive themselves as a toaster, complete with thoughts and emotions befitting an inanimate kitchen appliance.

Those affected will often produce toaster sounds resembling and express concerns related to their “toaster” condition. This includes anxieties about being used improperly, fear of being neglected or discarded, and a longing for toast-based sustenance. They may even attempt to engage in activities typical of a toaster, such as browning slices of bread or begging for crumbs.

SCP-294: “Coffee Machine”

This entity takes the form of an ordinary coffee vending machine, but its capabilities extend far beyond the realm of caffeinated beverages. Equipped with a QWERTY keypad, the machine can dispense and liquid typed in. While its main purpose is to offer beverages, it can also provide non-consumable liquids, such as acids or even more unusual substances like lava or venom.

One remarkable aspect of SCP-294 is its ability to fulfill requests for liquids that should not exist or are unobtainable through conventional means, such as antimatter or tachyons. However, there are limitations to its capabilities. SCP-294 cannot produce living organisms or substances that exceed its internal volume capacity. 

SCP-458: “The Never-Ending Pizza Box”

This entity looks exactly like a pizza box from Little Caesar’s (Hot-n-Ready). The instant human hands touch the box, it reads the holders mind, creating the perfect pizza down to the toppings, styles and even dietary restrictions.

The box’s capacity to provide pizza seems limitless, defying the bounds of conventional physics and culinary expectations. No matter how many slices are removed, SCP-458 magically replenishes itself, ensuring that those partaking in its offerings will never go hungry.

SCP-458 can only make pizza and its box is indestructible.

SCP-131: “Eye Pods”

These are a pair of adorable creatures resembling miniature eye-like entities. Each Eye Pod measures approximately 3 inches across with a rubbery outer layer that resembles an eye. They are mobile, possessing a wheel-like protrusion which allows them to move about.

The eye pods communicate with each other with an untranslatable high-pitched babbling. No one has ever observed these eyes blinking, even in laboratories while being videotaped for over 18 consecutive hours.

These entities require no care or feeding from the staff. They don’t even sleep. The only sustenance for these little fellows is visual stimulation. 

Safe Entities

The enigmatic nature of these “safe” entities continues to intrigue researchers within the Foundation. They strive to unravel the mysteries surrounding these extraordinary beings.

Tim Kane

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