San Diego Comic Con Shopping Spree

Even though I live in the same city as the San Diego Comic Con, I still treat it as a vacation. Thus, vacation spending. I give myself a budget and then spend every penny of it. Here are some stand out items (and where to find them) on the Exhibition Floor.

The first booth I plopped cash down was “Fuzzy Balls Apparel”. Yes, clever name. They were responsible for the hand sewn apple and the “eye” flower (which is actually a hair clip). You can find them at booth 4839. Another of my favorite booths is Conduct Happiness (booth 4832), home of the Pea, as in “pea in the pool” or the “pea pea dance.” I picked up another hair clip for my daughter here. The stuffed Frankenstein was from The Bijou Collectibles (booth C-01). I can’t recall where I picked up the stuffed kitty.

I’m always a sucker for steampunk and no one does it better than Weta (booth 3513B). I picked up yet another fabulous book from Dr. Grordbort. This year, it was Triumph, Unnecessarily Violent Tales of Science Adventure for the Simple and Unfortunate – written and illustrated by Greg Broadmore. I grabbed the last Berry Ninja apron (for kids). I can’t recall the booth, but I do know it was right next to Fuzzy Balls Apparel. Finally, the small book you see is “Wonderland Alphabet” giving each letter an Alice in Wonderland twist. This was from Archaia Entertainment (booth 2635). I just read this book to my daughter. It really goes deep into both Alice Books (Wonderland and Looking Glass).

I’m love T-shirts, but I detest the standard black or white fair. Snap T-shirts (I can’t locate the booth number, but it was near artist’s alley). This guy hand screens the shirts himself. Hard to see in this picture, but the shirt is a burgundy color. The book is called “So Good for Little Bunny” by Brandi Milne. This was from a combo booth with Griz Grimley and other artists (this might be booth 501). Finally the Frankenstein is a “Kooky Kans” from Mixo (booth 4633).

Enjoy the comic con and remember, there are ATMs in the lobby.

Tim Kane

Duct Tape Art

I love being crafty with my three-year-old daughter. She wants a bow and arrow. I grab my two favorite building devices: duct tape and cardboard. Yes, I was able to create a bow and arrow. It doesn’t actually fire, but she has a keen imagination. I’ve built all sorts of things: a coffin for Halloween, a toddler-sized house for Alice in Wonderland (she likes to grow to gigantic size in the house), and a pirate ship (with sail).

At the start of this year, my wife and I decided that we should have an Alice and Wonderland theme. That’s going to mean lots of whacky decorations. And mushrooms. So I took it upon myself to create a giant mushroom out of, what else, duct tape and cardboard. Now, I have to say, I did cheat a little. I created a support for the fungus with wood. I wanted this to last and not collapse, should she want to place something heavy on top.

Also, all this is possible because I’ve discovered that Target sells multicolored duct tape. Check it out.

Tim Kane