Addicted to Pinterest

Gah, yet another social media site to drag me away from writing. If you’ve haven’t visited this site, you might be frustrated when you do. It’s by invitation only. Granted, you simply apply and a few days later get the invite in the mail. The site will give you a sample, but, the waiting is hard to deal with.

Once you’re in, kiss at least three or four hours of life goodbye. (I was fortunate enough to have this happen while holed up in a cabin in the woods, so the time drain wasn’t nearly as detrimental.) The idea is this: remember all those amazing pictures you download from the internet and then stick in a file and forget? Pinterest lets you post and share them. You can comment and repin pics you see from friends. The topics are endless.

Most of the pinners seemed to concentrate on products and people. I guess folks find that time worthy. Me, I went to all the amazing art I’ve always loved, yet could never find a way to catalog. Illustrators, steampunk artists, comic book art, you name it. I also plan to add all those spelling and grammar goofs I constantly see, yet seems wasted when seen individually.

I suggest you check this site out, but be warned, you may never return the same.

Tim Kane

Duct Tape Art

I love being crafty with my three-year-old daughter. She wants a bow and arrow. I grab my two favorite building devices: duct tape and cardboard. Yes, I was able to create a bow and arrow. It doesn’t actually fire, but she has a keen imagination. I’ve built all sorts of things: a coffin for Halloween, a toddler-sized house for Alice in Wonderland (she likes to grow to gigantic size in the house), and a pirate ship (with sail).

At the start of this year, my wife and I decided that we should have an Alice and Wonderland theme. That’s going to mean lots of whacky decorations. And mushrooms. So I took it upon myself to create a giant mushroom out of, what else, duct tape and cardboard. Now, I have to say, I did cheat a little. I created a support for the fungus with wood. I wanted this to last and not collapse, should she want to place something heavy on top.

Also, all this is possible because I’ve discovered that Target sells multicolored duct tape. Check it out.

Tim Kane