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Thaumiel-Class Entities of the SCP Foundation

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In the vast universe of SCPs, Thaumiel-class entities are the hidden gems. They possess the power to subvert, neutralize, or harness the abilities of other anomalies, making them invaluable tools for maintaining cosmic order. It’s as if the SCP Foundation has stumbled upon an alien civilization that has mastered the art of anomaly taming.

The Meaning of Thaumiel

Within the SCP Foundation mythos, Thaumiel is a classification used to identify anomalies that possess the unique ability to aid in the containment or control of other anomalies.

The term itself draws inspiration from the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, specifically from the Sephirot of the same name. In Kabbalah, Thaumiel represents a realm of duality and the opposing forces of chaos and disorder. In other words, this SCP Foundation must use these shadowy entities for the sake of containing even more dangerous entities. 

Examples of Thaumiel Class Entities

Imagine a device that can manipulate the fabric of reality itself to keep other anomalies in check. Or a sentient entity capable of traversing dimensions to lock away rogue phenomena. These Thaumiel-class SCPs possess the kind of technological prowess that would make even the most advanced alien civilizations raise an eyebrow.

SCP-179: Sauelsuesor

This entity is humanoid and orbits our sun, whom she calls brother. Her skin is a matte-black and she has long hair that drifts for kilometers. Some sources state that her hair reaches into the very core of the universe. A series of tattoos or markings run along her midline.

As a Thaumiel-class entity, she is a valuable ally to the SCP Foundation. She points out threats that might affect Earth. The SCP Foundation has been able to avoid these threats or capture them for study. 

SCP-2003: Preferred Option

This is a machine built by the SCP Foundation over a period of 25 years. It allows a limited degree of time travel with a serious caveat: it is deadly to all forms of life. The only tissue that can survive the time travel is the nervous system and brain. Thus agents designated for time travel must have their brains and spinal columns removed and housed inside a robotic body. 

SCP-3000: Anantashesha

This Thaumiel-class SCP entity is a massive, 300 mile long eel creature residing in the Bay of Bengal. Also known as Endless Sesha or the King of Nagas, many thing that Anantashesha is actually a primordial deity. While awake, Anantashesha will devour anything it comes across. Luckily, it spends most of its existence snoozing on the seafloor. However, even looking at this creature is dangerous as it can cause paranoia and memory loss. 

The SCP Foundation has found use for such a daunting entity in a goo secreted after it has eaten. Dubbed Y-909, this compound is used to erase memories as well as making people susceptible to hypnotic suggestions. 

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