Unraveling the Veil: The Origins of SCP Entities

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In the darkest recesses of our world, where reality intertwines with the unfathomable, lies a secret organization tasked with containing and studying the most extraordinary and perilous entities known to mankind. Welcome to the realm of the SCP Foundation. Step into a world where the laws of nature unravel, and the impossible becomes tangible. But what exactly are these creatures and what are the origins of SCP entities?

The Birth of the SCP Foundation

The SCP Foundation (which stands for Secure, Contain, Protect) emerged in 2007 in the “paranormal” /x/ forum of 4chan. An anonymous user posted the original thread introducing the concept of the SCP Foundation, a secret organization dedicated to securing, containing, and protecting anomalous entities and phenomena. This user was later identified as Moto42. People expanded on the post and soon a wiki was set up to explore the concept of the SCP Foundation. 

To understand the origins of SCP entities, we simply look back to  legends and myths from all over the world. Supernatural beings and unexplained events have always been with us. These stories serve as precursors to the modern SCP entities, hinting at a long history of the abnormal intertwined with human existence.

The First Entity

The annals of the SCP Foundation record the inaugural SCP entity: SCP-001. Often referred to as the “Broken God” or “Gate Guardian,” this entity holds a unique position within the SCP Foundation. It is the subject of intense debate and speculation, with multiple conflicting theories surrounding its true nature.

SCP-001 is a Keter class entity (we’ll explore Keter anomalies in the next post). The Gate Guardian is humanoid in shape and about 700 cubits high (1033 feet). It possessed luminous wings sprouting from its shoulders, back, temples, angles and wrists. 

Where Do SCP Entities Come From?

At the core of the SCP Foundation’s universe are the SCP entities themselves. These entities can take the form of objects, creatures, locations, or even abstract concepts. Each SCP entity is assigned a unique identification number and accompanied by a detailed document known as an SCP entry. These entries serve as containment protocols, scientific analysis, and records of incidents related to the respective SCPs.

There is no single source for the development and discover of SCP Entities. Their origins are a who’s who of supernatural and strange.

Natural phenomena: Some SCP entities arise from natural occurrences or anomalies that exist within the fabric of the world. These could be inherent abnormalities in nature or manifestations of unknown forces.

Human-created anomalies: Certain SCP entities are the result of human experimentation, scientific accidents, or the misuse of advanced technologies. These anomalies can possess dangerous and unpredictable characteristics.

Extra-dimensional or inter-dimensional entities: SCP entities may come from alternate dimensions, parallel universes, or realms beyond conventional human perception. These entities often possess abilities or properties that defy the laws of our reality.

Supernatural or mythological origins: SCP entities can be rooted in ancient legends, myths, and folklore. They may be ancient beings, deities, or spirits with immense power and influence.

Extraterrestrial sources: Some SCP entities have extraterrestrial origins, originating from other planets, distant galaxies, or encounters with unidentified flying objects (UFOs). These entities may have arrived on Earth through various means, bringing with them their unique traits and abilities.

Anomalous artifacts or objects: SCP entities can also be tied to anomalous artifacts or objects with mysterious origins. These items may possess inherent properties that give rise to or house the entity within them.

Collaborative Creation

One of the defining aspects of the SCP Foundation project is its collaborative nature. A community of writers and fans passionately contributes to the ongoing development and expansion of the SCP universe. Individuals can create new SCP entities, provide feedback, and engage in discussions. This collaborative approach has led to a diverse and ever-growing collection of SCP entities, each with its own intriguing narrative and characteristics. As of now, there are over 6000 documented entities.

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