Cthulhu Art

I’m always on the lookout for gorgeous Object D’Art (fancy term for artsy things) to make your abode more in line with H. P. Lovecraft’s brain.  Well, here we go…

Octopus printed with 3D printer

Octopus printed with 3D printer

We all know that octopuses are tre Cthulhu. Sean Charlesworth created this model with a 3D printer. Amazing. The printer was able to fabricate different parts out of different materials. It also opens up so we can see the inside.

Inside the octopus.

Inside the octopus.

Yes, the octopus is actually a vehicle (albeit miniature).

Next up, how about some wallpaper to drive you insane?

Cthulhu wallpaper

Cthulhu wallpaper

This wallpaper was designed by Megan Rosalarian Gedris. And by wallpaper, I mean the stuff you actually put up on your walls (not for computer screens). Here’s another.

Terrified wallpaper

Dark queen wallpaper

Now tell me you wouldn’t wake up in the middle of the night screaming when you saw these?

Now for the truly grand: a stained glass octopus chandelier.

The body and head can light up separately.

The body and head can light up separately.

The cost? How about $18,000. Your choice is a car or this wonderful lighting choice. Yes I know, who needs a car?

Each chandelier is handmade.

Each chandelier is handmade.

These lighting fixtures are all created by Mason Parker. Each tentacle would be 30 inches long, if stretched out. As is, the chandelier is 4-feet across.

If you know of any other cool creations, just put them in the comments below.

Tim Kane

2 comments on “Cthulhu Art

  1. Funny that, I was just reading an article about William Morris and repeating patterns which mentioned a printer who advised him that pattern illustrators invariably ended up mad. ( I was researching patterns at the time!)

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