Social Hiatus

The time between Christmas and New Years I totally unplugged. Not to say I didn’t get on the internet. Shopped plenty. Watched some YouTube. But nothing social. No Twitter. No Facebook. No blogging. Just hanging with my family. The experience was great. Plenty of doing nothing. (Which is something my mind is not at all used to.) Now, at the other end of this hiatus, I find myself resisting getting back into the groove of blogging and writing. I keep on wanting to push it off to another day. A lovely thought except for the fact that I know nothing will ever get done if I don’t place ass to chair now.

This is the first step.

Blog on. Write on. Here comes 2013.

Tim Kane

2 comments on “Social Hiatus

  1. Amirh says:

    Happy New Year, Tim! Now, git bizzy! 🙂

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