The Nook Makes Me A Better Reader

While attending a young adult workshop at the SDSU Writer’s Conference, I gleaned an interesting tidbit. Someone in the audience brought up the idea of a protagonist in his early twenties at college. Our presenter nixed it. College bound folk are inundated with textbooks and studies. Often, they don’t have time to read.

That was the case for me. College killed my reading instincts. Before that, I read like a fiend. Afterward, I hardly picked up a book. Magazines drew me in, mostly because of the brevity of the articles. I remember distinctly my first serious novel that I read form cover to cover: The Alientist.

I continued to write, yet my reading suffered. Finally audiobooks came to my rescue. I read, or listened, while commuting. This worked well, but I yearned for that actual visual experience. (Try writing down a clever quote from a spoken text. Not as easy as it seems.)

Then my wife purchased an iPad for my last birthday. I checked out the ebook options. There were limitless. Trouble was, the iPad as so heavy. (I have and iPad 1, but even the iPad 2 is weighty.) Meanwhile, my reading had picked up. I am addicted to several young adult series. My latest favorite is Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld.

Much like other YA books, this one is a tome. Reading it makes my arms hurt. I tend to read in bed with the book held above me. So my mind drifted back to ereaders. I checked the whole spectrum. I didn’t need all the fancy web-browsing and apps. (I have an iPad, after all). What I wanted was a basic ereader that was very light. Enter the Nook.

I adore this product. The eink is amazing. It reads just like my paper book. The buttons make page turning easy and my arms never grow tired. Finally, it’s created a renaissance in reading for me. Just as the iPod revitalized my love of music, so has the Nook spurned me to be a more voracious reader.

Long live the ereader.

Tim Kane

5 comments on “The Nook Makes Me A Better Reader

  1. Baa, humbug! Traitor! That’s okay, I still love ya, LOL.

  2. Haha! Nooo, as you know by now, I am a book girl. The only kind of nook I like is snuggling into the nook of of a love’s shoulder, and the only kindle I’m into is what happens in the nook. *squee!*

  3. Amirh says:

    Tim, I kind of reluctantly purchased a Nook a bit over a year ago when I admitted to myself that my present apartment could no longer accommodate book purchases. I immediately LOVED it. Bed reading is a breeze. Subway reading is effortless. I have always been a reading fool, but now I am a reading FOOL! I still buy paper books if I can’t get them as ebooks, and there are certain books — mainly those about animals and animal healing — that I would never purchase for the Nook. And besides, my cats, who love sitting on newspapers, magazines and books that I’m reading couldn’t care less about my Nook.

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