Night Write: switching from morning writing to night writing

Today I made a tremendous leap back in time. Up till about a year ago I always wrote in the evening. But, as my schedule grew more hectic (work and raising a pre-school child) I found myself falling asleep at the keyboard. So, I shifted gears to morning writes. I loved it. No worries and I felt more productive. (Although close examination of my word counts shows I wrote more at night than in the day time).

However, I seem to have paid the price in lack of sleep. A three month bout of flu in the spring. Currently, I’ve been battling something equally wicked for the past month. Clearly my body’s worn out. I had to give up the morning writes, but I couldn’t abandon writing. That’d be like cutting off an arm. So, here I am again, clicking away at night. At least I’m not snoozing on my keyboard. I’ll get more sleep and see how it goes.

One comment on “Night Write: switching from morning writing to night writing

  1. Glad to hear that someone besides me has issues finding the optimum time of the day to write. Like you, I tend to be more of a night owl, but Twitter has imposed itself into that time. So, I tried the daytime, too. Same problem. Now, I’m thinking that I’m going to have to seriously cut back. Anyway, I’ll be sending you good vibes.

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