Tarot Playlist: Songs to Divine By

I have to say, I’ve never been one for the reading playlist or casting my characters as actors. For me, this is a sidetrack away from the actual writing. But then I started doing it, and I’m hooked. Listed here is the soundtrack to Tarot: The Magician. (Actually it’s only the first half because I can’t say no to a song).

These aren’t songs I write to. I just can’t manage to do that. Things need to be silent. Instead, if I were to lay a soundtrack down through my book, this is what it would be.

Theme Song

This is, of course, the song written by Bradley.

Discovering the Cards

Kassandra discovers the cards in the first chapter, but their full abilities don’t reveal themselves until later in the book. The cards sort of lurk, casting off bits of strangeness here and there until emerging to save Kassandra from ridicule. For this feeling, I imagine “Blue Bell Knoll” but the Cocteau Twins.

Bathroom Scene

This is where Kassandra cuts herself for the first time (at least the first time in the book). Being a big Johnny Cash fan, I had to use “Hurt”.

Luke Rykell Arrives

Of course, everything looks up for Kassandra after Luke arrives. He offers false hope. She hasn’t realized yet his ulterior motives. For this scene, only the Chairman of the Board will do: Frank Sinatra’s “Fly Me to the Moon.”

Dreams of the Garage

During this time, Kassandra dreams of her old garage in Seattle. There she meets her Dad. Later, we learn this is actually the Death card from the Tarot deck. For this scene I’d choose “O Death” from O Brother Where Art Thou.

Confrontation with Luke

The final confrontation with Luke has Kassandra running home and barricading herself in the house. Luke simply strolls up the sidewalk. This song always fills my head for this scene. It’s “Ball and a Biscuit” by the White Stripes.

After this point, Kassandra becomes trapped inside the Tarot cards. To hear those songs, check out the next post.

Tim Kane