All Work and No Play…

I’ve been going stir crazy. This is the longest I’ve gone without writing. Four days. Granted I had to start teaching again. Plus there was that jaunt to Disneyland. But man, switching away from morning writing is killing me. There’s no sure fire way to get the writing gears going in the evening. I’ll keep plugging away and carving out time. I have to write. I just have to.

Night Write: switching from morning writing to night writing

Today I made a tremendous leap back in time. Up till about a year ago I always wrote in the evening. But, as my schedule grew more hectic (work and raising a pre-school child) I found myself falling asleep at the keyboard. So, I shifted gears to morning writes. I loved it. No worries and I felt more productive. (Although close examination of my word counts shows I wrote more at night than in the day time).

However, I seem to have paid the price in lack of sleep. A three month bout of flu in the spring. Currently, I’ve been battling something equally wicked for the past month. Clearly my body’s worn out. I had to give up the morning writes, but I couldn’t abandon writing. That’d be like cutting off an arm. So, here I am again, clicking away at night. At least I’m not snoozing on my keyboard. I’ll get more sleep and see how it goes.

20% Complete

After what seems like a torturous start, I’m now nearly 20% finished with my novel. I am certainly not making NaNo progress with it, but I like where it’s going and I’m excited to get to work. The danger is that I really don’t have more than a chapter or two ahead planned (not my normal style). Plus, the whole beginning may need to be trashed and rewritten. (Which I guess puts me at about 10%).