All Work and No Play…

I’ve been going stir crazy. This is the longest I’ve gone without writing. Four days. Granted I had to start teaching again. Plus there was that jaunt to Disneyland. But man, switching away from morning writing is killing me. There’s no sure fire way to get the writing gears going in the evening. I’ll keep plugging away and carving out time. I have to write. I just have to.

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2 comments on “All Work and No Play…

  1. I can relate! SInce I started working, it’s been really hard finding a better time to write, as I am also a morning writer. My mind always works on the next few pages of a story while I sleep and the ideas stay with me for a short time after I wake up, so I HAVE to write them down right away, or they don’t get written at all. I’ve been looking for a solution to this problem for quite some time, so if you figure out a way to rearrange your writing schedule that works, please let me know!

    • I’m the same. Currently I still do a few morning sessions (mostly weekend). I try now to hit the writing session right after my daughter goes to bed. I need that closed time event to get me going, otherwise I’ll procrastinate.

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