Tarot Cover Reveal Winner

Congratulations to Donnalynn of Vermont. She is the winner of the tarot deck in the Tarot: The Magician giveaway. No need to fret if you entered and didn’t win. There’ll be plenty more giveaways as we barrel toward May 27, and the release date of the book.

Tarot Cover Art 300


Until then, beware which card you pick. It just might gobble you up and deposit you next to a giant snail.

Tim Kane

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2 comments on “Tarot Cover Reveal Winner

  1. Nancy Brunson says:

    I can’t wait to purchase your book and read the tale. I too loved the whole idea of the Tarot cards when I was a teen, which I must say was a long time ago! I know very little about them, but know that with such amazing writing, I will learn and be entertained at the same time. Hats off- or cards off to you TK.

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