Vampire Roundup

My first published book concerned vampires through the visual medium (film and television), so I’ve got a natural bent toward vampires. Here is a round up of the various vampire related posts to make it easier for readers or researchers to find information.

Vampire 101

Steven Weber (playing Jonathan Harker) could have used a bib in Mel Brooks’s “Dracula Dead and Loving It.”

Steven Weber (playing Jonathan Harker) could have used a bib in Mel Brooks’s “Dracula Dead and Loving It.”

Most people think of vampires as suave fellows draped in a cloak with a widow’s peak. Or maybe now, a young romantic figure  to sweep you off your feet, with fangs. There are plenty of misconceptions about the vampire.

Need to bone up on the vampire basics? You’ve come to the right spot. Let’s start with how to Become a Vampire (beware, these are stranger than you think).

Next learn how knots, dead dogs, and excrement can keep a vampire at bay. Then there’s the folklore behind lemons, clocks, and tar that cause the vampire to back off. If you need to capture a vampire, don’t just use rope. Go with carpets, oil or a bowl of cold water to keep a vampire in his place.

Finally, if you need to dispose of a vampire, forget the stake. Use a sock. Yes, that’s right, a sock.

Unusual Vampires

The Chonchon.

The Chonchon.

Imagine a vampire as a head with gigantic ears that soars toward victims to devour blood and inflict curses. This is the chonchon, the Ear Flapping Vampire.

In Albania and Romania, they have a legend of a vampire that eats the moon, creating eclipses.

Madam Bathory is one of the classics of vampire history. She was real, but what if you could restore you youth through blood?

Vampire Lifestyle

The Lost Boys

The Lost Boys

Think you’re a vampire (or at least want to act like one), then you need to learn the ropes. Which kind of vampire are you? Yes, there are various types. Check out What Kind of Vampire Are You or Vampires Revisited.

Vampire in Film



There are more vampire films than any other genre type. The whole shebang started with one movie: Nosferatu. Discover how Florence Stoker had all the prints destroyed. Then see how the film rose from the ashes to emerge as a classic 40 years later.

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