Writing with Abandon and Loving It

This is my first stint with National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), but I must say I’m loving the process. The thought of missing my schedule kicks me in the butt and gets me typing. I’m down on blogging, but I think that’s the point.

The best part is that the novel, one I’ve tried all the past year to write, is coming together. Each scene flows into the next effortlessly. It is hard to turn off that inner editor, but it’s worth it. I’ve stopped looking over previous pages. It’s all be hammered out in revision. Heck, I’ve taken an existing manuscript and switched tenses and POVs. I know that a draft is just that. Nothing’s sacred. So why not get it done quickly and move on to revising.

Yay NaNoWriMo.

Tim Kane

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  1. Glad you’re finding such success with the process. Maybe I’ll try it next year. 🙂

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