Lego Shop of Horrors

I am not a card-toting Lego nut. Honest. Not me. But events have conspired to induct me into Legodom in a big (and somewhat expensive) way. It’s called Lego Monster Fighters and it’s damn cool. Finally, after Star Wars, superheroes, and Lord of the Rings, Lego turned its attention to the most enduring pop culture there is: Horror.

Let me go back a bit. As a pre-teen I was a Lego nut. Admittedly. Back in the day (this would be the early 80s) there were no elaborate Lego kits. The one I recall was this moon lander kit. Mostly I just jimmied parts together to make interesting things

Why did I stop with the tiny plastic bricks. Basically life. I could mark the official end as the year I got my driver’s license. With freedom came girls and traveling. Legos didn’t fit in very well.

Fast forward twenty-five years and I now have a five-year-old daughter. True, she’s been playing with Duplos since she was one or two, but things really took off this year. First she created her own Lego Hulk. Then I bought her the Lego Avenger’s kit (which took me hours to assemble). Finally her birthday was only a short time later. When I saw that Lego had gone to the monsters, I had to bite. You see everyone in my family (daughter, wife, myself) are unabashed monster nuts. So here you go, the assembled Lego kits for three of the Monster Fighter sets.

Here’s the long view of “The Vampyre Castle”. Lego has come a long way since the moon lander series. This has a trap door, a secret room concealed with moveable stairs, and a Lego coffin.

Here’s a view of all the monsters. The werewolf comes from a different set (“The Werewolf”) where he launches out of a tree at one of the monster hunters. Check out the front of that car. The monster hunters have all the cool rides.

Finally we have “The Crazy Scientist and His Monster”. It has a “glow brick” that lights up with a Lego gear system (how very Steampunk). The figures for all the sets are astounding. I’m told that these sets aren’t available everywhere just yet. But they’re coming.

Tim Kane

10 comments on “Lego Shop of Horrors

  1. Sarah says:

    Haven’t seen the Lego Monsters in the UK – don’t even think LOTR is out here yet! My 12 year old would know! He’s progressed from Star Wars Lego to Ninjago because it works out cheaper than SW sets. Such an astute financial mind and oh so much Lego in our house!

  2. Tim, you’re such a weirdo! Oh right…That’s one of the reason’s we’re buddies! LOL, I am sooo jealous of these toys. Way cooler than what we had when I was growing up.

  3. Those are sooooo cool! I became interested in Legos when I was about 11 (I did play with my grandmother’s Duplos though) And I have a couple sets, mostly cars and trucks, but oh my gosh were they fun. I hope to have kids someday and spoil them rotten on Legos. They should be a staple in every kid’s arsenal. And I think it’s so cool you can now ‘play’ with your daughter… 🙂

  4. My 23 year-old nephew would go wild for these! He’s been a Lego nut for as long as I can remember. I haven’t noticed these in Canadian stores yet, although I really haven’t been looking. The sets you have look very cool, though.

    Hmmm, I do have a young grandson to buy for. I wonder if they come in Duplo sets (he’s just turning 1, this year) I will have to be on the look-out for these incredible toys. Thanks for the heads-up about them. 🙂

  5. Marianne Su says:

    Why didn’t they have that when I was a kid? Awesome.

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