Use Pinterest as a Reading List

A fellow writer of mine told me how she uses Pinterst to catalog the books she reads. Yes there are other websites out there that do the same. Goodreads comes to mind. But none have the ease and popularity of Pinterest. I already have a list of books I recommend on this blog, but not with pictures. It’s a hassle to put them in. Pinterest solves this.

I plan to pin each “good” book I read. Then I get an easy to find list of my favorite books. What could be better. Click over to see the list. There are plenty of great reads.

5 comments on “Use Pinterest as a Reading List

  1. Interesting point. Someone created an A Year of Reading the World Pinterest page this week after I wrote about my blog in the Guardian. It would never have occurred to me to catalogue book reviews in this way before…

  2. As a lover/addict of Pinterest, this idea appeals to me, but I have a pretty long To-Be-Read list already. However, I could do as you suggest and ‘pin’ books I have read already in order to keep track of them. Great idea! 🙂

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