Hiccup in the Day

I knew the final day of school was going to be hectic. I just didn’t know it would start its assault before I even got out of the house. I sat in the car, ready to head out, and the darned thing wouldn’t start. Totally dead. And this is a new car. (Relatively. Four years old.) So I’m crossing my fingers that it’s just the battery and not something worse.

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4 comments on “Hiccup in the Day

  1. Don’t you just hate it when the car won’t start? It usually happens when you need it the most! We picked up an older car we thought was still in pretty good shape, but it ended up sitting in the garage more than I actually got to drive it! My previous car conked out at the worst possible time – as I was on my way to see my publisher for the first time! It was also a bitterly cold day, minus thirty degrees, not including windchill! Hope your battery is the only thing wrong with yours! 🙂

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