Link Hub

Writers and Bloggers Worth Checking Out

San Diego Professional Writer’s Group Yup, that’s my writing group. Have to give them a plug. Awesome group.

The Lost Backpack An awesome travel log and advice blog for people with wanderlust.

Red Sofa Literary Okay, so she’s an agent. But her blog is fantastic.

Kristin Nelson Also an agent with loads of writing advice.

Tremendous Book Blogs

SPA Middle School Blog: This site shows recommendations from actual seventh and eight graders. Awesome to know I have similar tastes.

Young Adult Books Central Blog: This place is massive. It reviews books as well as tracks reader reviews. You can sort books in many ways with plenty to choose from.

We Need Reads Blog: A great review blog by a pair of avid readers. Their review of Speak says it all.

Steampunk Images, Paraphernalia, and Bloggers

Alex CF If you haven’t heard of this artist, then you haven’t yet slobbered over his creations.

Steampunk Home A great site for trolling items to help you drag your home back 100 years into the steampunk era.

Bizarre News

io9 I live on this website. Always interesting news on popular culture, science, and history.

Vampire Paraphernalia

All sorts of vampire related goods are on sale at the Vampire Collectionary.

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