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Throughout history, we have sought to unravel the mysteries of the future through various forms of divination. One of the lesser-known methods is oomancy, the art of predicting the future by interpreting the patterns formed when an egg is cracked open. While it may sound bizarre, oomancy has deep roots in different cultures and continues to be practiced by some today. Learn how to divine the future with eggs.

The Origins of Oomancy

Oomancy, also known as ovomancy, derives from the Greek word “oion,” meaning egg, and “manteia,” meaning divination. Gaius Suetonius Tranquillus, a Roman historian, described how the Empress Livia Drusilla stowed a chicken egg in her cleavage, thinking it would determine the sex of her unborn child. 

The Process of Oomancy

Oomancy typically involves a specific ritual that begins with the selection of an egg. In some traditions, the color, size, or even the source of the egg may hold significance. Once the egg is chosen, the diviner focuses on their question or intention, concentrating their energy on the egg.

The next step is to crack the egg open and slowly pour into a glass of warm water. The warmth will allow the white to firm up a little.  The patterns formed by the raw egg white can reveal answers and insights related to the question or situation at hand.

Interpreting Oomancy Patterns

Various aspects of the egg, such as the shapes, lines, and colors in the egg white and yolk, are analyzed for their significance. Here are some common interpretations:

  1. Lines and Shapes: Cracks, lines, and shapes in the egg white or yolk may be seen as symbols. For example, a heart shape might represent love and happiness, while a snake-like pattern could symbolize deceit or danger.
  2. Consistency: The texture and consistency of the egg’s contents can provide additional clues. A runny egg might indicate fluidity and change, while a firm egg could suggest stability and security. Additionally, a clear white is thought to be positive, while a cloudy eggs signifies obstacles and uncertainty. 
  3. Symbolism: As you examine the egg white from all angles, you might discover some symbols. A clover indicated happiness and prosperity. A horseshoe denotes good financial luck. Seeing an arch foretells problems with coworkers and family. 

Believer or skeptic, oomancy might tap into the primal ability to divine the future. Even though you might see it trending on social networks, know that this divination form has been cracking open the future for centuries. 

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