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Pinterest Lives Again

I had (notice past tense) an extensive list of photos tagged and cataloged on Pinterest. But then life came crashing in and I stopped posting. My email changed and voila, I was no longer able to access my Pinterest account. Oh, it’s still there, just languishing and underfed.

To rectify this, I created a brand new Pinterest account and starting following myself (that would be my old account). Therefore I can repin all my old photos (the 1000s) onto my new site. Tedious? Yes. But something I can do while in line at the grocery store.

Here are some sample pins, currently centered around my debut novel, Tarot: The Magician.

All of the first chapter of Tarot: The Magician

I love the mystery of this photo. It’s called “Discovered” by David Dallilet. This reminds me of the Black Plague suits doctors would wear.

This painting, called “All Seeing” reminds me of Guiermo Del Toro’s work. Although the painting is by Sarah Jones.

Yes. I also adore books. In 2005, Swiss artist Jan Reymond began constructing elaborate installations each year, made of the old, unsold books as a last hurrah for the soon-to-be discarded objects.

Tim Kane

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