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1984 Flashback

In the spirit of a New Year’s cleaning, my wife went through some boxes in the garage. Lo and behold, it turned out to be a time capsule. Specifically, 1984. Plenty of magazines. Here are some snaps of People. I noticed that every other ad was for cigarettes or liquor. Guess People readers liked to drink and smoke.

July Issue, 1984

Check out those jeans.

You have to love the totally “natural” poses they put this Wrangler lady in. I especially like how she’s calling the little leaguers out.

Apple did not invent the multicolored appliance

I guess we can thank Quasar for the idea of having electronics in multiple colors.

One of many cigarette ads. Mostly aimed at women.

And plenty of hard liquor

My guess, People must have had a target audience of bars.

This was actually from Life, but I had to include it. A pic of Ozzy Osborne in make up.

This kind of puts the whole 80s in perspective. Lots of things to miss, but plenty I can do without. Like those Wrangler jeans.

Tim Kane

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