Wound Man

Think you’ve had a bad day? Check out this guy. He’s had everything thrown at him, including the kitchen sink.

This is Wound Man. No, he’s not some new variety of zombie. Though he reminds me of Julie Walker from Return of the Living Dead 3. She staved off her flesh eating desires by sticking bits of glass or metal through her body. Sort of a piercing party gone wild.

No, the original Wound Man appeared in medieval surgical books. It was intended to show doctors the types of wounds soldiers might acquire. The poor figure suffers from it all. Beatings. Stabbings. You name it. There were only three key illustrations that were reused from book to book. (Why carve a new block if you can simply grab the old woodcut.).

Just remember, your day could always be worse.

Tim Kane

5 comments on “Wound Man

  1. Gotta love Wound Man. One reason I like high stakes action films is that those people are ALWAYS having a worse day than mine. 🙂

  2. Ouch! Better ‘Wound Man’ than me!

  3. I notice that the end of his willy has been cut off. Poor blighter!

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