Rube Goldberg Devices

I’ve always adored Rube Goldberg devices. It may stem from watching too much Tom and Jerry or Wile E Coyote as a young tot. Each of those fellas built some outlandish contraptions.

Another great product from Acme

The origin of these machines dates back a century to Ruben Lucius Goldberg. At a young age, he obsessed with tracing from books, newspapers, and calendars. After a failed career as an engineer, he began drawing cartoons for the San Francisco Chronicle.

Perhaps the best device I’ve seen to date is “Page Turner”. Watch and enjoy.

Tim Kane

4 comments on “Rube Goldberg Devices

  1. Wile E Coyote’s contraptions were the best entertainment as a kid. So were the Tom & Jerry cartoons. I liked the last video, too. Very inventive! My friend and I used to play Mouse Trap as kids and although the mechanism hung up every once in a while, it was fascinating to see the cause & effect of each portion of the trap. I never knew those kinds of devices were named after a person. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. Those contraptions were my favorite part of those cartoons! Hilarious! What a gift that he failed as a real engineer.


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